Hello, and welcome to the Crane Designs website! To help you understand what I’m all about here, I have created the official Crane Designs FAQ:

Who are you?

My name is Alex Crane. I was born in Coquille, Oregon and upon adulthood moved to Boise, Idaho. I live here with my wife, dog, and two kids. I am currently attending Boise State University in pursuit of a Mechanical Engineering degree. We are very active in our church and think Jesus is just alright. If I am not tinkering with CNC’s, you will find me under the hood of a classic car, riding my motorcycle, or sighting in a new rifle at the range.

What is Crane Designs?

Crane Designs is my small company I started to accommodate my hobbies. Well, that’s how it started, at least. As a man with many expensive hobbies, and a fully equipped workshop, it became appearant that my play time needed to pay for itself. I continue to find new innovations and tricks of the trade, and sell my work to fund the next big idea. Mostly now we just fund diapers until I graduate and find a “real job.”

What all do you do?

I am very passionate about CNC. I built my first CNC during the summer of 2010, which grew and evolved until I nearly wore it out.

My current workhorse is a 3’x6′ custom build which weights nearly a ton and is heavy duty enough for building lots of guitars.

Aside from guitars, I also cut signs and machine parts for CNC’s. My cutting capabilities are currently wood, plastic, and light aluminum.

I take pride in my work, and would love to help you with your custom project!