Hello, and welcome to the Crane Designs website! To help you understand what I’m all about here, I have created the official Crane Designs FAQ:

Who are you?
My name is Alex Crane. I was born in Coquille, Oregon and upon adulthood moved to Boise, Idaho. I live here with my wife, dog, and newborn son, “PMC”. My “real job” is in the Telecom industry, and I currently am studying Electronics and CAD.

I am also very involved with my local church group, Re:Generation, which is a new church-in-a-church located in Eagle, ID. At Re:Gen we believe in Jesus, and only Jesus, and that we worship Him by being in community.

What is Crane Designs?
Crane Designs is my small, unoffical, private company to accommodate my hobbies. As a man with many expensive hobbies, and a fully equipped workshop, it became appearant that my play time needed to pay for itself. I continue to find new innovations and tricks of the trade, and sell my work to fund the next big idea.

What all do you do?
I am very passionate about CNC. I built my first CNC during the summer of 2010. This machine is a 25×25 Solsylva design, with many modifications. Although it is fully functional as-is, it continues to get improvement and upgrades.

My next machine planned is a full 5×9′ table capable of cutting cabinets. If you have any questions about CNC, I have learned a lot and would love to share my experience with you.

With my CNC I cut guitars, signs, and machine parts for CNC’s. My cutting capabilities are currently wood, plastic, and light aluminum. I specialize in Telecasters.

I take pride in my work, and would love to help you with your custom project!