Telecaster Style

What is synonymous with guitars, country, and art? That would be the Solid Body Telecaster. These guitars are perfect for replacing your Fender (c) Telecaster body, or starting a brand new from scratch project!

CNC cut to exact specifications, these bodies are made to live up to one of the guitars that started it all! Whether you embrace the traditional styling and feel of the ’52, or just love the look and are open to innovation, there will be a body here for you.

These are designed after the ’52 Tele, and come with many routing options and configurations. Choose from many exotic woods top cap your instrument, or choose from our wide selection of solid body woods.

Choose one from many of our available routing options. Don’t see what you need? Contact me with your needs and I will get you a quote!

Crane Designs is now proud to offer the Telecaster Thinline! For those who crave a guitar with a hefty dose of resonance that will not break your back during those long jam sessions, look no further. Constructed from a 1/4″ cap on top of a solid base of Alder, Ash, or Mahogany.

There are many types of exotic top woods to use, and all the Thinlines are compatible with most of the routes available in the standard Telecaster.

Choose between two different routing options:

Chamber Options

The full route is by far the most popular giving an excellent weight advantage.

Take full advantage of your Thinline, and add a sound hole! Believe it or not, adding at least one sound hole will greatly increase your resonance, giving your solid body electric a hint of those acoustic tones!

Sound Hole Options